How To Apply For Differentiated Education Grant Money

With differentiated education grant money, schools can offer individualized attention to students’ learning.

Teachers and school professionals are starting to grasp the value of breaking away from conventional teaching methods consisting of pre-packaged lectures and assignments that don’t take into account a student’s individual way of learning.

Indeed, increasingly more studies are pointing out that since each individual student has his or her own learning style, using a blanket teaching approach cannot reach out to all students.

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At different levels, students learn in the ways they learn best. For instance, some students pick up grammar skills by being shown examples in a workbook while other students read a story and attempt to figure out the parts of speech. When it comes time for assessment, students are tested differently as well. In order to show that students have mastered a particular geometrical concept, for instance, one student might be asked to solve a math problem, while another might be asked to build a mathematical model to demosntrate the same answer.

In order to put in place differentiated education programs and have the resources necessary to address all learning styles, schools can request grant money.

As with any other grants, the institution seeking grant money must show in a proposal why the money is required and how the money is used towards furthering the goals of the education grant. Money will be only be allocated after a detailed proposal review.

The proposal must:

– provide background information,
– detail the objective of the grant,
– describe why differentiated education grant money is requested,
– say in which areas the grant will be used
– and for which target group,
– describe the plan to implement the grant,
– list the personnel involved
– explain the methods for evaluating the success of the project,
– and include a budget.

Depending on the specific project, there may be other, more specific requirements.

Grant money can be disbursed by the federal or state government, non-profit organizations, academic institutes, research centers, funding organizations, corporations, and private individuals. Start your online search with; this is a site listing all Federal grants available – $400 billion are available.

Take a look also at, the US Department of Education website. Or simply sign up for our free report on education grants which lists excellent sources for regarding how to get differentiated education grant money.

One of the easiet ways to research grant opportunities is to check out your local foundation library, found at most major universities.

Your local library also has books listing grants that can be applied for, just consult with the librarian. Alternatively, this information should be available either at your high school counselor’s office or your university’s financial aid office. Local bookstores and also has books on grants.