Ultra Oil For Pets

Why Essential Fatty Acids are the Key to Health and Happiness

Many people might think Hey, my pet has a nice healthy coat.” what use has I for an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Food Supplement. Actually, the right balance of Essential Fatty Acids from good” fat sources can be the determining factor for the happy, energetic, and healthy life of your pet. While it is true that a well balanced blend of Omega 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s is critical for well moisturized skin and a healthy, shiny coat, free from shedding, essential fatty acids have an array of benefits critical to bringing your pets healthy and vitality to its full potential.

EFAs are essential to the process of converting food to energy. Every moment of your pet’s life a vital process called oxidation” is taking place that ultimately allows for the flow of vital life energy to every cell of the body. A healthy balance of EFAs is critical to this process. They not only help deliver the oxygen to every cell but also help the body pull that oxygen deep into the cell acting as a barrier to viruses, fungi and bacteria. When the body is able to carry out these processes optimally, with the help of an EFA supplement, then the result is a slender and healthy body with an abundance of life energy. (Erasmus, Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill”)

EFA’s ability to disperse throughout the body also gives them a unique capacity to serve in the body’s natural process of toxin elimination. By bringing these toxin close to the surface of the skin, intestinal tract, kidneys or lungs, the body is more easily able to eliminate them . This toxin removal is accentuated in Ultra Oil with the addition of Grape Seed Extract which has long been shown to be a powerful anti-oxidant and therefore key in removing free radicals from the body.

Ultra Oil’s founders created there product by asking the question what blend is going to give our pets the absolute overall best balance of Essential Fatty Acids. With a blend of 3 of the best sources for EFAs currently known today (Hempseed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and Fish Oil) and then Grape seed Oil for the value of its powerful antioxidants, Ultra Oil is proud to say We’ve got it!”.

We have chosen hempseed oil as the primary ingredient in our blend, because we could find no other source of EFAs that could bring to the table the benefits that hempseed oil does. Hemp not only contains in ideal ratio of Omega 6 : Omega 3 of 3 to 1 but it also has one of the highest percentages (80%) of polyunsaturated or good fat” of any other source. In other words our pets need these good fats and it’s easy to make a case that hempseed oil is the absolute best source (Rothenburg, A Renewal of Common Sense”). Ultra Oil is proud not only to be providing such a quality product but also to be one of the few places where you will find hempseed oil in your EFA supplement. Just listen to what Katherine Debarnes, author of Pets Need Wholesome Food Also” has to say: The best overall choice for EFAs is flax seed (well , actually the best source is hemp seed but it is harder to get hemp seed” . Katherine goes on to say The beauty about hemp seed is that it is naturally balanced between omega 3 and omega 6. We need to combine flax, pumpkin and sunflower seed to get the balance that hemp seed naturally has.” Other benefits from hempseed oil include: lower LDL cholesterol levels, supports cardiovascular circulation, promotes organ function and higher immunity levels, supports higher energy levels, reduces dry skin, promotes healthy coat.

As you can see there is much, much, more to a good EFA supplement for your pet than just a good looking, shed-free coat, and after a couple weeks of Ultra Oil your pet’s enhanced energy, playfulness and happiness will attest to that.